Dana Krol

Foundations and Strategic Partnerships Fellow

The belief that God invites us into a relationship with Himself, each other, and creation is what inspires Dana Krol’s work - as well as her interest in effective, dignifying communication.

Dana’s collaborative approach stems from the fact that we were made to depend on each other and be in the community. She is passionate about helping build connections between Tearfund and foundations with similar goals, believing that we’re all stronger when we work together.

Prior to joining Tearfund, Dana graduated from Calvin University with a BA in Strategic Communications. In 2014, she moved to Zambia to work at a rural primary school, where she led the communications and sponsorship programs and many fundraising initiatives, while also making time to join the students for recess. During her four years in Zambia, she learned three important lessons:

the true meaning of holistic ministry;
why it’s important to take the lead from local trailblazers;
and how necessary it is to have a love for intercultural communication in development work.

Since returning to the US, Dana continues to explore different areas of nonprofit work, including administration, event planning, volunteer management, and now, partnerships. She joins Tearfund with almost a decade of nonprofit experience and is grateful to bring her expertise, curiosity, and bridge-building skills to the Foundations and Strategic Partnerships team.

Dana lives in Grand Rapids, MI and is currently studying.

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