Sho Baraka


After being educated at Tuskegee University and the University of North Texas, where he studied Television/Film, Anthropology, and Public Administration, Sho Baraka has spent the last 14 years traveling the world as a recording artist, performer and culture curator. His overseas work has ranged from leading seminars about race relations in South Africa to establishing artist hubs in Indonesia.

Whether he’s in the classroom as a professor, on stage as an artist, in the streets as an activist or in the boardroom as a consultant, Sho is combining his artistic platform with his academic pursuits to contribute a unique perspective in multiple arenas, while attempting to uplift the culture.

Sho is a co-founder of Forth District and The And Campaign. Sho was also an Adjunct Professor at Wake Forest School of Divinity as well as an original member of internationally known hip-hop consortium 116 Clique and record label, Reach Records. Although Sho has contributed to many published books he will be releasing his first book He Saw That It Was Good in the spring of 2021

Sho lives in Atlanta, GA with Patreece, his wife of seventeen years, and their three children; one daughter and two sons.

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