Devastated by Drought

Four successive seasons of failed rains have left more than 18 million people desperately short of food in East Africa. Local conflict, combined with skyrocketing food prices caused by the invasion of Ukraine, is making the situation even worse. Lives are at risk. Children are especially vulnerable. The time to act is now.

‘All we know is hunger,’ Akina* aged 12 from Uganda, tells us. ‘When we sleep our stomachs are growling because we have not eaten for days.’

Tearfund and our local partners are on the ground now in Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda to tackle the crisis. 

Here is some of the life-saving work you’ll be supporting:

  • Providing emergency food relief and cash grants to communities suffering from hunger.
  • Building wells and solar-powered water pumps in drought-affected areas.
  • Supporting people through self-help groups. In these groups, people are able to acquire land for tree planting and farming, access affordable loans, and build fuel-saving stoves.
  • Training farmers with new techniques so that they can adapt to the changing weather patterns.

Resources are stretched like never before, and the crisis is growing every day.

Your support can make a crucial difference.








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