How we work


The local church around the world has enormous and often untapped potential to transform their local communities. CCT is a process which empowers churches to unlock the potential of individuals and whole communities to overcome poverty – both physical and spiritual.


We are committed to a world where everybody has enough to live on, where our natural environment is kept safe so it can flourish, and where the world’s wealth and resources are more fairly shared

Fragile states

Fragile States are places that are extremely vulnerable to natural or man made disasters but have limited capacity to cope with the consequences of such events. It is thought that 60 percent of the world’s poorest people will live in Fragile States by 2030, making them a priority for us.

Where Tearfund Works


Prayer is the most powerful tool we have; it underpins everything we do.

Our mission to end extreme poverty is a spiritual battle as much as anything else, and your prayers could turn the tide.

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Joining a 10 year global impact of...

13 million

People served as we respond to disasters

32 million

People empowered in churches & communities


Churches envisioned to outwork their integral mission.