Double your impact: every dollar for farmers in Mozambique will be MATCHED.

“I have seen major disasters...super cyclones, major earthquakes, and also the tsumani of 2004. Those are very tiny in the face of this one.”

- Prince David, Tearfund's India lead

In India, COVID-19 numbers are beyond comprehension
– reaching almost 18 million cases total earlier this week.  There are more than 320,000 new cases every day. 

The healthcare system is collapsing under the strain. Hospitals are running out of oxygen. Remains of those who’ve passed away are lining up in the streets. 

But our partners in India are bravely responding. They’re providing life-saving relief to the poorest and most vulnerable people, including widows, orphans, those who've lost jobs in lockdown, and the elderly.

It is crucial that we continue to help those most affected by the pandemic as they wait for a vaccine. Millions in India have been pushed further into poverty due to the economic impact of lockdowns, and they remain at critical risk from the virus. Please give today.

Your donation can help save lives
TRain church leaders

$40 could train two church leaders to share accurate information about Covid-19 vaccines in their communities.

Protect a family

$65 could provide emergency relief for one family in rural India, enabling them to buy food for the rest of the year.

Create new jobs

$150 could create steady employment for those who’ve lost work opportunities during the pandemic, empowering them to feed their families.