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Tearfund’s local partner meets Cheikha and takes her through the support they are able to offer her | Credit: Tearfund partner 

Cheikha and her family were given the help they needed to support them through a difficult time. This included food vouchers and hygiene items | Credit: Tearfund partner


Struggling to see a hopeful future

Tearfund’s local partners continue to help people with the essentials, like food and cash assistance. But they are now also focusing on providing mental health and trauma support to communities across Lebanon’s capital city, Beirut.

‘This kind of support is particularly important as there is increased polarization and tensions among community members over reduced resources in the country,’ shares Claire.

‘Violence is on the rise in some places and there is a lot of growing anger within communities, directed at the government over its handling of recent crises.

‘Many of the people we are serving have symptoms of anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder from the Beirut port explosion that happened last year. This event retraumatized many of the Syrian refugees and Lebanese people. The economic situation has impacted many of the individuals that Tearfund is also supporting as they struggle to see a hopeful future.

‘We thank you for continuing to pray for Lebanon through these challenging times. It really strengthens our team, and partners who are working under great pressure.’

Pray with us

Creator God who is in control of all things,
Please have your hand on Lebanon right now. Guide its incredible people through these crises, we pray.

Bring wisdom to Lebanon’s rulers; counsel its government in how they can steward Lebanon’s resources well and bring about policy changes that will help those living in poverty.

Bring provision to those without; we pray for those who cannot afford to heat their homes or buy food for their families. Lord, increase opportunities for work in the country; we pray for peaceful economic change that will stop further businesses from going under, alleviate pressure on health services and for new sustainable businesses to be created.

Bring your peace to people who are hurting. Heal divides between communities. We pray for your justice over the Beirut blast. Lord, give people hope in the future – of all that can be made possible through you.

Creator God who is in control of all things,
Please have your hand on all the countries facing inflation rises right now. Guide its people through these crises, we pray.


*Name changed to protect identity.


Story originally published on February 25, 2022 by Tearfund UK by Farah Bou Kheir. Main Image: Ruth Towell Other Images: Tearfund Partner

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