Jeff Galley, Board Director

Seeing communities create positive change from within is what motivates Jeff Galley to serve as a board member for Tearfund USA. He is dedicated to building up systems, organizations, and institutions that cultivate resources in the most under-served areas.

In the summer of 2014, he took a trip to see Tearfund's Church and Community Transformation (CCT)  work in both Ethiopia and Uganda, a trip that shaped and changed him in many ways.

Jeff is a Central Group Leader at Life.Church, with responsibilities for team and program leadership and overseeing 100+ local and global partnerships. Jeff has an MA in Organizational Leadership from Colorado State University, serves on the board of directors at The Chalmers Center for Economic Development, and is an instructor for Development Associates International MAOL program. Jeff is married to Christy and they have three adult children, one daughter-in-law, and one son-in-law.

Tearfund's theology on integral mission has helped him deepen his thinking in regards to how Christians in the west ought to respond to poverty. The typical response to poverty is to send in material resources. But communities become resilient when they can make the most of the God-given human resources already available to them (local leaders, expertise, knowledge, mindsets). 

Jeff values Tearfund's ability to collaborate with other like-minded organizations. Eradicating poverty is way bigger than one organization, and he believes Tearfund is a leader in innovative partnership.


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