Made in USA

Made in the USA

  • Shopping products manufactured in the USA minimizes shipping distances and in turn greenhouse emissions. Shipping internationally is not only fuel-intensive, relying on fossil fuels instead of green energy, but also allows corporations to loophole emission regulations due to the international nature.  
  • The USA has stricter labor laws, promoting and ensuring ethical manufacturing via factory standards, strict minimum wages, and overall worker treatment standards. Businesses often choose to manufacture abroad in countries with less strict laws due to the low-cost nature, harming the environment and profiting off of mistreatment of vulnerable communities. This often translates to unsafe working conditions, unfair working hours, and little to no employee benefits. Minimum wages aren’t universal, a fact many corporations choose to take advantage of to profit on. 
  • Buying US-made products also helps benefit the national economy and is a large proponent in job creation, helping lower the unemployment rate that can often adversely affect minorities. 

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