Meet Markenson

What is the Innovation Lab?

For over 50 years, Tearfund has been helping thoughtful people like you address the world’s problems in constructive and life-giving ways. 

Our experience has shown that solutions to problems like poverty, racism, hunger, violence, exclusion, and conflict aren’t going to come from those in power who benefit from the status quo. 

In fact, we believe the most promising solutions to poverty and injustice have to arise outside of the very systems that sustain them. 

That’s why we created the Innovation lab.

Tearfund USA’s Innovation Lab:

  • Amplifies the voices and experiences of historically marginalized groups;
  • Identifies people with innovative ideas to systemic problems; and 
  • Provides them with the support and funding they need to challenge systems that rob people of their God-given dignity and agency. 

Thanks to the generosity of people like you, Tearfund USA is providing people in marginalized communities with the coaching, resources, and mentorship they need to bring lasting transformation. 

Here’s how we do it. 

  1. Spark - Through our vast network of relationships with churches, schools, businesses, and non-profits we identify new ideas and approaches that have the potential to transform communities. We make small initial investments in these approaches, refining their program models and working towards viability.
  2. Fuel - As new approaches prove successful, your support provides our partners with additional capital, coaching, and training. Towards sustainability, we walk with them every step of the way, building their capacity in order to accelerate their impact.
  3. Scale - As breakthrough approaches emerge, we help our partners scale and replicate their programs. Together, we create systems and structures to sustain their work and connect them with other visionary leaders from our network. Over time, organizations become self-sufficient and we begin the process of identifying new leaders all over again, creating a beautiful cycle of transformation.

Meet Markenson

Meet Markenson, a motivated young man from Haiti who struggled to find consistent employment after finishing school. That was until he discovered Arris Desrosier (AD), a social business incubated by Tearfund that provides green jobs in Haiti.

Thanks to supporters like you, our partnership with AD grew from a pilot project serving 50 families to a thriving business serving thousands of households. Last year, AD collected over 450 tons of household waste and prevented 22 tons of plastic from being burned or thrown away, creating income-producing jobs while also improving the environment and community health.

Markenson became one of AD's first waste collectors, collecting organic and plastic waste from families each week on a motorcycle. Tearfund continues to invest in AD’s work, helping the business grow and scale, and trains young people like Markenson how to advocate for improved environmental policies in Haiti.

When you donate to Tearfund USA’s Innovation Lab, you’re not only creating new solutions to poverty, you’re improving the lives of people like Markenson all around the world.



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