Puerto Rican families need your help!

Hurricane Fiona made landfall on Sunday, September 18th, 2022 on the island of Puerto Rico. Nearly five years ago to the day, Hurricane Maria devastated the island, causing massive damage to homes and businesses. As flooding reaches historic levels, many fear the damage will be more severe to communities impacted by Hurricane Maria.

Thousands are without power and in need of rescue from flash flooding. The need for food, fresh water, and shelter is urgent.

Our partners are on the ground, responding right now.

  • Hosting displaced families and providing shelter
  • Providing meals for families in need
  • Providing clean water, essential items, and medications
  • Responding by rebuilding homes for single mothers and the elderly

You can make a difference to people affected by Hurricane Fiona today. Your donation will directly help the most vulnerable by helping to provide for their immediate needs.



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