Driven by compassion and a God-given mandate to be of service to others, Sadara is no stranger to the unrelenting commitment needed to effectively exemplify His kingdom here on earth. As a passionate, resourceful and faith-filled servant leader, she has been blessed with the opportunity to combine her passions for promoting the things of God while remaining an advocate for marketplace ministry.


Sadara’s dedication to ensuring the promotion, protection, and provision of God’s most vulnerable people is her life’s calling. Following several years of global work and research across Sub-Saharan Africa, she is committed to building strong communities and comes equipped with a dual degree in political science and global studies, a Master’s degree in international development, and 6+ years of work experience in program creation, monitoring and evaluation, development, and published work. She is currently in the final year of her Ph.D. program (Intercultural Studies—Missiology), further equipping her with the tools necessary to speak to the Church about topics like spiritual warfare and Integral Mission.


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