Hundreds have been killed and nearly half a million left homeless by Cyclone Idai, which has torn through Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe.

“When I saw the damage, I thought, ‘Where will my four children sleep now?’ We have lost everything,” says Domatilda - Cyclone Idai survivor

Tearfund is working with local partners to meet people’s most immediate needs.

We will be distributing food, cooking utensils and shelter, along with seeds to replant crops destroyed by the winds.

“The situation is dire, the damage to infrastructure is beyond comprehension.”-Earnest Maswera, Tearfund

Your donation today will help us reach many more vulnerable people.

Thank you for your generous support.In the unlikely event that we raise more than is needed to support these partners, your gift will be spent on similar emergency responses and to prevent the impact of disasters on other vulnerable communities.


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