Letty Vendrell

VP of Philanthropy

Letty Vendrell, a proven leader in nonprofit management has more than 10 years of providing leadership in strategic advancement, operations, and marketing and communications in the INGO and U.S. nonprofit sector. She holds multiple master’s degree experiences in Philosophy, Missiology,  Intercultural Communications, and Nonprofit Management.

Instrumental in leading nationwide philanthropy teams, she has overseen multi-million dollar budgets of earned revenue and philanthropic support. In her current endeavor, her Doctoral journey has afforded her the multi-disciplinary insight into global leadership, and the tools to embrace and understand societal ills, garnering international perspectives in complex environments that lead to positive social change. 

As Tearfund USA's Vice President of Philanthropy, she leads the philanthropy team to inspire and compel supporters to invest in new programs and in resources to expand Tearfund USA’s Glocal reach and impact. Her passion is to live out her faith in a vibrant capacity and to see beyond the world we are in, imagining that something can be different; making this new world a reality in our lifetime.

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