Mary Milano

Director of Development Communications

With a passion for new challenges, Mary has tried her hand at a wide range of activities throughout her life, including publishing research in leading psychiatric journals and starting her own interior design firm. Having previously led fundraising communications at a large Christian INGO, Mary is passionate about simplifying the complexity of international development for a general audience. 

Mary’s diverse background and range of experiences have provided her with a unique skill set that she brings to her current role as Director of Development Communications at Tearfund USA. She is responsible for developing and implementing the organization's communications strategy to support fundraising and donor engagement efforts and loves creating compelling content that highlights Tearfund USA's incredible mission and impact.

Mary’s belief that Jesus and justice are inseparable motivates her work. She is a member of the Christian Alliance for Inclusive Development, helping to pursue greater gender equity and create cultures of belonging across the sector. She firmly believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to flourish as God intended, and she's passionate about making that a reality through her work.

You can usually find Mary with a book in one hand and a cup of tea in the other (except when cuddling her two dogs, Obie and Piper). She is the proud mom of three really fun and interesting kids, sporadically practices yoga, loves college football and F1 racing, rearranges furniture when she gets bored, and would literally be lost without her husband, John, who is constantly locating her missing keys, glasses, or phone.

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