Clive Mather

Board Chair

Whether in small acts of kindness or big strategic choices, Clive Mathers is committed to bringing God’s kingdom closer. As Tearfund USA Board Chairman, he believes his role is not just about good leadership, but leadership for good.

Corporate leadership has been a theme throughout Clive’s career. Before taking his role with Tearfund USA, he served as the Chair of Tearfund in the UK for ten years. He is also the President of Relational Peacebuilding Initiatives and a Director of Emissions Reduction Alberta.

In addition to serving as Tearfund’s Chairman, Clive has been Chairman of the Garden Tomb Association in Jerusalem, Chairman of Shell’s Pension Funds in the UK, and Chairman of Logen, a Canadian bio-tech corporation.

He is particularly wired for organizations with a large international reach, having lived or worked in all continents. Throughout the 50+ years of Clive’s professional experience, he has acquired a wide knowledge of the opportunities and threats the world faces. These learnings have helped him understand about responding to the twin challenges of poverty and injustice.

During his visits to the 48 countries where Tearfund works, he saw how climate change, corruption and conflict are manifestations of broken relationships which destroy lives though poverty. But he also witnessed first-hand how God works through the local church to transform communities. This exposure has fuelled his passion for Tearfund’s work.

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