Tearfund USA is a Jesus-centered movement focused on disrupting systems of injustice and oppression. We amplify the voice and work of those who live and operate on the margins, equipping them to spark, fuel and scale innovative solutions to poverty and injustice.


To accelerate the impact of faith - and values - driven innovators leading change from the margins, resulting in relevant communities of faith, peaceful and inclusive societies, and thriving ecosystems.

What We Do

Our world is changing rapidly. And while the complexity of problems has continued to grow, solutions haven’t been able to keep pace. 

Violence and conflict ravage families and communities. Racial divides are systemic and institutionalized, fueling polarization. Gender inequities continue to make institutions and societies inequitable. Degraded and polluted environments harm people’s health and wellbeing.

At Tearfund USA, we believe that addressing these growing problems demands bold action, innovative solutions, and sustainable approaches. And, like you, we know that yesterday’s solutions fail to meet today’s needs. 

That’s why Tearfund USA has developed a transformative Innovation Lab that incubates and accelerates innovative solutions to poverty and injustice. We prioritize ideas created by people that have been historically overlooked, unheard, and under-represented, amplifying their voices and partnering with them to bring about positive change.

When you partner with Tearfund USA, you propel a wide variety of innovative thinkers and problem solvers. People who are boldly bringing forth positive and sustainable change in four distinct areas:

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