Community Transformation Through the Local Church

When local churches are mobilized and empowered through integral mission, which is defined as having a holistic understanding of the Church’s mission to its community and response towards those living in poverty, they become an unstoppable force for change.

What is Integral Mission?

The Church is not meant to be insular but is called to go out into communities, restoring brokenness and engaging with the needs of individuals – physical, spiritual, emotional, economic, environmental, and social. The Church is equipped in practical ways to work with the local community, identifying needs and mobilizing resources to bring about restoration and transformation. 

What does sustainable change look like?

Communities create long-lasting and sustainable change by implementing

  • creation care by giving farmers tools and training to flourish in harsh climates,
  • empowering women to realize their God-potential to create change within their households and communities
  • supporting local pastors to carry out tailored solutions to reduce poverty.



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