Disasters are one of the most significant causes of poverty, and poverty is one of the key factors that lead to disasters having a devastating impact. The majority of poor communities around the world are vulnerable to disasters of one kind or another.

Crises and emergencies are growing in complexity, frequency and duration around the world. It is becoming difficult for local organizations and aid agencies to keep up with the level of humanitarian need, especially when it involves prolonged conflict and economic insecurity leading to displacement and migration.

We support local churches as they prepare for and respond to disasters, recognizing that they often have the respect of local people and a good understanding of local needs and culture.

Effective disaster response is important, but so is prevention. We focus on reducing the risk of a disaster happening in the first place. If an emergency does occur, we seek to ‘build back better’ during the time of recovery, addressing not only physical loss, but through the restoring of relationships, supporting recovery from psychological trauma and long-term wellbeing.



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