Corie Colliton

Digital Communications Manager

In her role as digital communications manager, Corie Colliton is excited to build relationships with donors that go deeper than financial transactions. Behind every social media comment, email click, or online donation is a real person on a unique spiritual journey. Although she’s creative and relational, Corie loves data analytics, which form the foundation for Tearfund USA’s communication strategies.

Corie’s career has been shaped by her love for justice, story, and data. Having worked in various content marketing roles, first at World Relief, and later at an Indonesia-based social enterprise, she joined Tearfund after two years at a digital marketing agency, where her skill in data journalism earned coverage for her clients in international media outlets.

She first felt a draw to work towards social justice while studying journalism and Arabic at Loyola University. Her Jesuit education influenced her to become a person “for and with others,” paying close attention to the voices of the marginalized. After studying the ministry of Archbishop Óscar Romero, she joined a student delegation to El Salvador to meet those who’d survived the country’s civil war. This life-changing trip showed her the transformative power of listening to others - and the power of the church in action against injustice.

Today, Corie lives in West Palm Beach, Florida, where she is an active member of her church. She is honored to work for Tearfund, an organization that is willing to walk its talk by taking on the hard work necessary to be truly just, inclusive, and sustainable.

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