Daniel Valle

Legal Representative & CEO

Daniel Valle is passionate about helping bring structure and basic resources, like food, clothing and shelter, to those in crisis. In the early years of his career, Daniel joined the Peace Corps as a volunteer in North Africa. There, he witnessed people living with challenging circumstances. This was a turning point for him: Daniel desired to help ensure not just his future, but the future of our world - one community at a time.

Faith, community and family are foundations on which everyone depends; and it’s Daniel’s heart-felt purpose to see that families are able to access clean water and healthcare, be free of discrimination, and have educational and economic opportunities.

Daniel received a BA from Boston University and an MPA from Columbia University. Presently, Daniel lives in Maryland with his wife Mary Alison, and their daughter Elena. His professional experience spans three decades and five continents thus far. More specifically, his career in operational response work has given him the privilege of service to others locally, nationally and internationally. Daniel never tires of witnessing the inspirational work of Tearfund’s staff and partners – and he has committed his life’s work to them.

He is proud to belong to an organization that’s committed to helping the most vulnerable in our world - whether that’s across the street or around the globe.

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