John Davidson

Board Director & Secretary

John Davidson’s heartfelt purpose is simple: to do the right thing and try to persuade others to do so as well. In all areas of his life, he aims to be a wise steward - and he brings this dedication to Tearfund as a trusted board member.

John has over 35 years of practice in international corporate and commercial law, including 15 years as a partner in Hogan Lovells, an international law firm, and 10 years as a member of the group executive committee of a global brewing company, serving as General Counsel and Corporate Affairs Director until 2016.

Since September 2017, John has been a trustee and board member of Tearfund in the UK, and he became a board member for Tearfund in the USA in 2020.

His work with Tearfund has helped him understand the importance of the integral mission, and the huge opportunities which there are to heal broken relationships and help people to achieve their full potential by working through God’s chosen instrument on earth, which is the church.

In November 2019, John took a Tearfund trip to visit small churches in rural Myanmar, where he heard simple stories of change: rice banks, literacy training, income generation, savings co-operatives, environmental protection, irrigation techniques, behavior change and church growth, and sexual and gender-based violence projects for survivors. He was elated to see that so much progress was achieved - but more so because it was founded on community involvement and based on Bible studies. For John, it reinforced the truth that God's church is called to act as a trusted partner and image-bearer.

As a regular and faithful financial supporter of Tearfund for many years, he is grateful for the opportunity to use his time and skills to serve God in this way.

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