Support Small Businesses

Support Small business | Support Women and POC Owned Businesses

Investing your money into vulnerable populations and communities.

  • Supporting groups who have historically faced discrimination helps even out generational and systemic economic inequalities. 
  • Buying from woman-owned businesses helps elevate and even out gender disparities in business. Statistics also show that women also tend to invest more in local communities and families, aligning with consumer interests and distributing wealth in mutually beneficial ways. While the wage gap still exists, investing in women-owned businesses actively works to lessen the disparities. 
  • Women and minority-run groups often have a harder time gaining access to startup funds, including bank loans and third-party investments and begin at an unfair disadvantage to businesses started by their white, male, counterparts. 
  • Employment inequality is an issue that many minorities face, as the unemployment rate is, and has been consistently higher for Blacks and Hispanics in the United States. Small businesses are responsible for large amounts of job creation, addressing and helping mitigate these inequalities. If you can preferably shop from a small business owned by a BIPOC, even better!

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