10 ways to reduce your environmental impact

More and more, we are seeing a link between our consumption of natural resources and the flourishing of people around the world. 

The relentless consumption of some is having devastating consequences on the poorest people in the world. The planet’s resources are being depleted and destroyed at a rapid rate due to pollution and high carbon outputs. This is not how God intended it.  

If you want to reduce your impact, check out these simple ideas to get you started:


  • Switch to using a reusable coffee cup. (Stainless steel or bamboo cups are best.)
  • Carry a reusable water bottle and refill it at home or work. (The most long-lasting and easily recyclable types are made from stainless steel or glass.)
  • Cut out one car journey a week, or car-share once a week.
  • If you fly regularly, take one less flight per year and consider other transport options when traveling.


  • Use soap and shampoo bars instead of liquid products in plastic bottles.
  • Switch to reusable cloths and stop buying disposable wipes. Choose organic cotton or bamboo as the supply chain is more ethical.
  • Try using a menstrual cup or reusable pads instead of disposable sanitary products.
  • Switch to renewable electricity or find a servicer who deals in renewable energy certificates. Green-e will help you find a provider, no matter what state you live in. 


  • Buy loose fruit and vegetables from the supermarket or a vegetable box. If your supermarket doesn’t sell loose fruit and vegetables, ask them to!
  • Reduce how much meat you eat: try Meat-Free Monday or go vegan one day a week.

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