Families are in urgent need.

Recent conflict in Afghanistan has reportedly forced around 550,000 people from their homes. Having run for their lives with little more than the clothes on their backs, they are in urgent need of support.

Our partners in Afghanistan are already mobilizing.

Many people have remained in Afghanistan, while others have fled to neighboring countries. Tearfund’s local partners are on the ground and have provided life-saving relief packages to those in need. The packs include food and vital hygiene supplies such as soap and face masks. They’re also offering trauma support to people who have been affected by the horrific violence.

The need is vast. Afghanistan is also experiencing its worst drought in decades, meaning food and water supplies are limited. And the coronavirus pandemic means that hospitals are already overstretched.

Our partners are doing everything they can to help – your donation will ensure that they can do even more.

Join us in prayerfully responding to the most urgent needs in Afghanistan.

Due to the unstable nature of the situation, if our partners in Afghanistan are unable to continue their work, then funding will be used in the surrounding region to support people who seek refuge there. 



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