We invite you to apply for a Racial Justice Initiative Grant.

Two years ago we launched our Racial Justice Initiative. Understanding how white supremacy has infected our culture, our politics, our police, our churches and even our Christian “justice” organizations, Tearfund USA works towards breaking the stronghold of racism.

Although our primary programmatic activities are globally focused, we recognize that the powers and principalities that perpetuate global injustice are the same that can also wreak havoc in our nation. Through our Racial Justice Initiative we partner with local organizations, churches and individuals challenging racism in our communities, and working for equality.

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We are looking for leaders who implement tangible initiatives to challenge anti-Black racism and empower communities of color. Please submit an application for your community-based initiative and activities based here in the United States.


Eligibility Criteria

  1. The project is co-created and co-facilitated with BIPOC leaders—this means that Black, Indigenous, and People Of Color (BIPOC) leaders/community collaborators are a guiding presence in the offering from inception to completion. We are open to projects that include white leadership as part of a multiracial team, provided they are in deep partnership with leaders and collaborators of color.
  2. The project engages a diverse population of participants/includes BIPOC participation.
  3. Projects must contain a clear research, service, and/or leadership mission that explicitly addresses issues related to anti-Black racism and racial justice.
  4. Implementation of the project must be completed within one year following receipt of the award. Recipients must produce a report of project outcomes at the close of the initiative.

Your project proposal should include:

  1. Title and description of the proposed project
  2. Project proposal. The proposal should be no longer than three pages and include the following:
    • A title and description of the project. The description should include the rationale behind the project, the proposed project deliverables, and the potential impact, as well as the metrics that will be used to assess project impact.
    • A list of team members and the contribution each will make to the project.
    • A timeline for the start and end of the project.
    • A complete line-item budget. This budget should cover all expected costs and should be in its final version at the time that the applicants submit the application for review. Submissions that do not include a completed line-item budget will not be considered complete and will not be reviewed.
  3. Additionally, applicants will be asked to briefly discuss past experiences with diversity and racial
    justice efforts that will support them in implementing their project.

Grant Deadline: 

The Tearfund USA Racial Justice Fund will be awarding multiple $5,000 grants. Applications are due by August 19th, 2022. All questions and grant applications should be submitted to [email protected].

Meet a Racial Justice Grantee

The East Lubbock Art House (ELAH) is a non-profit organization that works towards the betterment of the Eastern portion of Lubbock, Texas by supporting emerging and marginalized artists. Through art classes and workshops, culturally relevant events, community initiatives and more, the ELAH provides a safe space for marginalized artists to tell their stories and bring healing to the community. Last year the ELAH provided over 240 free art kits as a part of their Art Kits for Kids program.


“At East Lubbock Art House, I have had the opportunity to encourage and engage in an open cultural dialogue, social reform, and artistic expression. Here I genuinely feel a part of a community, something bigger than myself. I have seen firsthand and now understand the impact an organization like East Lubbock Art House has".


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