Statement on USA Insurrection

We denounce the acts of violence witnessed by the world when President Trump and other leaders promoted the violation of our nation’s Capitol over the unsubstantiated claim of a stolen election. This was at the very moment Congress was certifying the outcome. We urgently call followers of Christ to lament with us and to pray for repentance on behalf of the USA. We appeal to all leaders and authorities for the healing of the deep political and moral divide in our nation. We recognize our own calling to put love into practice by praying for those involved in this act.

Tearfund is a Christian organization seeking to mobilize the global body of Christ on behalf of people living in conditions of poverty and injustice. This includes drawing attention to and intervening to support those living in fragile states, where violence and disorder prevail over the rule of law. Though we are nonpartisan, we believe Christians must speak out against evil that inhibits human flourishing.

What the world witnessed yesterday was evil. It was a pride-filled abuse of power, disrespectful of facts and contemptuous of healthy democracy. It parallels political upheaval Tearfund has responded to in other countries and is evidence that in every country, democracy is fragile. Democracy can be thrown away if it is not protected and upheld. 

All over the world, people saw insurrectionists carrying Christian iconography and signs bearing Jesus’ name. This was a clear example of failed discipleship and taking the Lord’s name in vain. In moments like these, it is important for followers of Jesus to tell the truth about the Kingdom of God.

Scripture teaches us to respect those in legitimate political authority (Romans 13:1-7), to be law abiding (Titus 3:1), to be peaceful and non-violent (Proverbs 3:31-33,16:29), and to overcome evil with good (Romans 12:21). We find it tragic that the current Presidency of the USA has trampled on these Christian principles, and we mourn for our nation.

As followers of Jesus we are above all a people of hope. We look forward to a day when justice and peace are firmly established and when all people are able to flourish. As Jesus-followers we orient our lives in that direction now. Throughout history and around the world, that hope has compelled countless Christ-followers to lead efforts to establish and maintain democracy and freedom. Please join us now in prayer and peaceful advocacy to follow their example.

Photo by Joshua Sukoff


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