Double your impact: every dollar for farmers in Mozambique will be MATCHED.

By 2030, more than 100 million people could fall into extreme poverty due to climate change.

Today, climate degradation is already hitting people in poverty the hardest.

85% of the world’s poor are rural, and they rely on their land for food and income. Around the world, natural disasters like floods, droughts, and fires are damaging their crops. More people are going hungry and even being displaced from their homes.

As followers of Jesus, we must be bold in confronting the things that harm the poor. We must also care for God's creation. Taking action on climate change does both.

At Tearfund, we partner with churches to train farmers to grow flourishing crops, so they can feed their families and earn sustainable incomes even in a changing climate.

Join us in caring for creation
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Pray for climate justice

Join us in prayer for creation, our role as caretakers, the human impact of climate change, and the role of our policy makers.

2x Your impact

We're partnering with One Days Wages to reduce hunger by providing agricultural training in Mozambique. Every dollar you give will be MATCHED.

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$10 a month could provide climate-smart training to four farmers
$15 a month could provide access to solar power for one household
$25 a month could provide both training and solar power

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