Coronavirus is spreading among the world’s poorest communities.

Nations in lockdown, widespread uncertainty, hospitals struggling to cope – we’ve seen with our own eyes how devastating coronavirus can be. Our own nation is suffering a crisis unlike anything any of us have seen before.

But for vulnerable people ⏤ those living in extreme poverty, displaced people who can't social distance in refugee camps, and those already facing hunger and lack of sanitation ⏤the impact will be far worse.

Tearfund and our partners are already on the front line, providing crucial hygiene and sanitation assistance. But we need your help.

Right now we are working hard in vulnerable communities:

1. Installing 200 hand-washing facilities and reach 10,000 Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh with health information, soap, masks, gloves, and food for those in quarantine
2. Ensuring that 22,000 Syrian refugees living in crowded camps in Lebanon have cleaning supplies and soap. This will reduce the spread of coronavirus and ease strain on the healthcare system.
3. Training health workers and distribute essential food and hygiene items to 4,000 families in Kenya’s capital city, focusing on people whose immune systems are compromised by HIV.
4. Distributing emergency food supplies and hygiene kits to Venezuelan refugees in Colombia. Many in this community are no longer able to work or earn income as a result of COVID-19.

How can we pray for you?

We know these are difficult times for so many. We are committed to praying for you! Text "pray" to 88202 to send us your prayer requests or fill out the form below. Praying God's comfort and protection over you.

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