Those who have done the least, suffer the most.

Climate-related shocks and disasters are affecting the most vulnerable who have done the least to contribute to the climate crisis. We work on the front lines of the climate crisis, partnering with communities to overcome poverty and injustice. 

The Restoration of God's creation. 

As Christians, God calls us to look after and care for all that he has made.  If the rest of creation does not thrive, our communities will not thrive. At Tearfund we work for the restoration of creation and communities together in a number of ways:

  1. Conservation and restorative efforts: Whether we are working in a refugee camp in Bangladesh, or in Haiti, we work with communities to plant trees, reduce soil erosion, and eliminate waste.
  2. Adaptation: We work with those most impacted by climate change to adapt to climate change, using a method called conservation agriculture. Conservation agriculture not only increases food production for farmers and their families but restores important nutrients to the land and creates sustainable change for communities.
  3. Environmental protection: All across the world Tearfund has worked with communities to protect forests, water, and other natural resources. Through prayer and advocacy, we’re helping to build a global grassroots movement; encouraging supporters to pray, hold governments to account on climate matters, and make lifestyle changes.

Help us continue this work, restoring God's beautiful creation and helping people overcome poverty.



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For $20, you can provide the training and supplies for 2 families to raise chickens, giving them nutritious eggs to eat and sell for income.

Equip a farmer with seeds and training on the latest techniques that will empower them to grow food and earn an income in a changing climate for $45.

A $100 donation can supply a family with a safe and efficient smokeless cooking stove that can reduce environmental pollution and increase respiratory health in the community.

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