First Covid, Now Monsoons: Disasters are Keeping Bangladesh Underwater

In March, Bangladesh confirmed its first death resulting from Covid-19. In July, monsoon rains swept across the nation, causing flooding and landslides – some of the worst flooding in recent memory.

“One third of the whole country is underwater,” says Sudarshan Kodooru, who leads Tearfund’s work there. “Several million people have been affected. People have lost their jobs, they've lost their crops – whatever they have, they're losing.”

The flooding has forced an estimated 4 million people from their homes. Government authorities reported that more than 600 people were killed.

Bangladesh is home to over a million Rohingya refugees. In the crowded camps where they live, the struggle to contain the coronavirus outbreak is growing. Moreover, not only have people lost their loved ones, their homes and their businesses, the floods also bring the threat of waterborne diseases, such as cholera. 

In a coordinated effort with the Bangladesh government, the UN, and other aid agencies, Tearfund is working with partners in the refugee camp to respond. 

We’re helping vulnerable people get to shelter and giving food to those who have lost everything in the floods so that they don't go hungry.

“It is very sad to see millions of vulnerable Bangladeshis having to deal with another disaster, while already having a hard time coping with the coronavirus,” says Sudarshan.

Tearfund is also working to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. We’re sharing life-saving health information, distributing cleaning supplies, and PPE.

With the support of One Day’s Wages, our goal is to help 10,000 Rohingya refugees stay one step ahead of the COVID-19 outbreak. And we need your support. 

Please donate today. Every dollar you give will be matched by One Day’s Wages until we meet our goal. By joining, you’re helping extend help to thousands of the most vulnerable.

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