Peacebuilding is a Christ-centric activity that contributes to the well-being of the whole world.

For peace to be restored where there has been conflict, relationships must be restored. And our Christian beliefs teach us that this restoration comes, in part, through forgiveness – an act which costs the one who has been wronged. It’s a completely opposite way of thinking to how the world generally views justice. 

In Nyamai's village in South Sudan, a group of armed gunmen attacked her family and killed her husband. The incident left Nyamai’s family "terribly hurt and traumatized", she says – especially because they knew the attacker very well and never expected that of him. She started to plan with her sons to avenge their father’s death, but they had not yet had the opportunity to carry them out when Tearfund’s community dialogue sessions started in the village.

Instead of seeking retribution, Nyamai found the strength to offer forgiveness to the neighbor who murdered her husband in front of her and her children. "We stood and shook hands and I forgave him despite the pain. He also apologized and I believe we will now live peacefully."

Nyamai, South Sudan conflict survivor

Tackling sexual and gender-based violence

Women, young people and those on the margins of society are most affected by violent conflict and yet are often excluded from peacebuilding processes. We therefore place a particular focus on working with women and young people and others who are marginalized, addressing harmful social and gender norms that exclude and stigmatize rather than include and welcome.

How your generosity could be put to work:

  • $17 could pay for a refugee to participate in a peace building workshop
  • $35 a month could pay for 3 women's rights workshops for vulnerable women in rural areas
  • $47 could pay for a female refugee to participate in a protection workshop over a 6 month period



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