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Guns into Garden Tools

Help promote peace. 

Transforming guns into garden tools 

The metal from the decommissioned weapons will be melted down and the youth from the armed groups, religious leaders, and local authorities will beat the metal into small garden hoes.


Planting trees and flowers of peace

The weapons that were used to kill and destroy communities will now be used to plant trees and flowers and produce food.

Advocating for Peace

After transforming guns into garden tools, all participants will be invited to sign an advocacy document, containing declarations of peace in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Pray with us

  • Please pray for peace across Congo and that its people will ‘learn’ peace instead of war.
  • Please pray for the event, that many churches will be there and commit to praying and acting for peace.
  • Please pray that the military government and local authorities are present and are envisioned to work effectively for peace.
  • Please pray for the armed groups, that God may change the minds and hearts of those involved in violence and enable safe methods for people to leave the group.



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