Condemning racism is not enough. Our faith in Jesus compels us to take bold action for racial justice.

Racism is unacceptable to God. As Christians, we must be actively anti-racist in both word and action. We are called to stand on the side of love and justice. This is our commitment at Tearfund USA: We will boldly say for as long as we need to that Black lives matter.

As a Christian relief and development organization, speaking up against poverty and injustice is at the heart of our work. While our primary programmatic activities are globally focused, we recognize that the powers and principalities that perpetuate global injustice are the same that can also wreak havoc in our own nation. When white supremacy pervades systems it leads to untold evil, like a police officer kneeling on the neck of a black man in the United States.

Since the founding of our nation, white supremacy has infected our culture, our politics, our police, our churches and even our Christian “justice” organizations. We have seen this manifest recently as we are witness to the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and the many others who have died from racialized violence.

We grieve their murders.

We grieve and repent of the personal and institutional attitudes, behaviors and policies that have allowed violence to be done to the black community and other communities of color in our nation.  

We grieve that this legacy of violence and inequality has in part been animated, perpetuated, and tolerated by the complacency or the complicity of the Church.

We know there is work ahead of us. But we are committed to doing it, no matter how long it takes. We will walk this journey with humility, and passionately pursue the restoration of broken relationships. We are willing to sit in the discomfort and change that this work will bring. As individuals, we will challenge ourselves. As an organization, we will grow. As followers of Jesus, we will act justly.

We are actively looking to the leaders of color within our organization and within the broader US Church to guide us in taking further action for justice, and are actively seeking ways to recruit more diversity to our board and executive team. We want to be clear that this declaration is our commitment, recognizing that too often institutions offer statements at critical moments, but return to the status quo.

Read our full statement on racial justice here, and read what Tearfund is doing globally to eradicate racism from its organizational culture and structures.

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Join the Prayer & Action Justice Initiative - a group of Christian organizations and individuals mobilizing prayer and action for criminal justice reform and racial justice.

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As part of our commitment to eradicate racism within our own organization, we have created a Black Lives Matter response guide for individuals and churches. It contains Bible studies, reflections, and tips for taking actions.

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The Church has a major role to play in pursuing racial justice. Here are 5 ways to call our faith communities into this work.