Share hope on International Migrants Day

Today is International Migrants Day, and the world’s attention is on the many people who have migrated from their homeland, many of whom have faced unspeakable hardships. 

It’s good to have a day of focused attention on migrants. The global migration crisis is one of the biggest humanitarian issues of our time.

But it’s also good for us to remember that every day, all over the world, followers of Jesus are already showing love, kindness, and mercy to refugees and displaced people. 


We know this is true, because Tearfund and our local partners are on the front lines of the global migration crisis. With Syrian refugees in Lebanon, with the Rohingya people in Bangladesh, with displaced people in Central African Republic, Iraq, and Burundi. 


Many of you, having been inspired to care by Jesus’s childhood experience of being a refugee, have joined us on this journey of solidarity with migrants and refugees. Some have joined in actions that made you mindful of the experiences of displaced people. Some of you have spoken out for justice. 


Today, will you join us in acting in solidarity with the poor and the oppressed by giving generously?

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