Rachel Lamb

Board Director

Rachel Lamb is a bridge builder. Her life has been marked by making connections between science and public policy, between people and their local ecology, and between Christian faith and climate action. As part of the American evangelical church, Rachel has long recognized both the challenges and opportunities facing the church in the work of holistic restoration and shalom. Rachel is committed to building bridges of connection that draw people in based on shared Biblical values, and motivating loving, faithful, and hope-filled action.  

Rachel currently serves as a Maryland Sea Grant State Science Policy Fellow with the Maryland Department of the Environment Climate Change Program. In this work, she supports carbon assessments and accounting for natural and working lands, and advances policy recommendations for carbon sequestration. She earned her PhD in Geographical Sciences from the University of Maryland College Park, where her research centered on the applications of NASA Carbon Monitoring System forest carbon science to advance strategic climate mitigation planning with co-benefits for biodiversity and human livelihoods. Rachel currently supports the expansion of this work to national and global scales through her joint appointment as a University of Maryland Postdoctoral Associate

In parallel with her research and work on U.S. climate and environmental policy, Rachel has served with Young Evangelicals for Climate Action, the Evangelical Environmental Network, Au Sable Institute, and A Rocha to help Christians make stronger connections between their faith and action on climate change. Critical to this effort is helping others understand the fundamental injustices inherent in its causes and effects, and Rachel has dedicated much of her career to this cause. In 2015, she was named a White House Champion of Change for her leadership on climate action. “I have long been encouraged by the work of Tearfund internationally to promote holistic solutions to intersectional environmental, social, and economic challenges. To engage in this work alongside Christ, with and as the global Church, is both a privilege and responsibility,” says Rachel. 

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