The church in Burkina Faso that’s putting God’s word into action

The climate crisis is pushing people further into poverty in Burkina Faso. But a local church is finding a way forward.

In Burkina Faso, another devastating drought has taken hold. These extreme weather events are becoming more frequent and severe due to the climate crisis. And they are putting everyone at risk. But the church has the teaching to help turn the tide. 

Pastor Traore lives with his wife and three children in a town in the west of Burkina Faso. He’s been leading a church for 11 years and is noticing the difference that the climate crisis is making on his community.

Rivers are drying up. There are fewer plants and animals. Once fertile land is becoming unfarmable. And it’s leaving desperate hunger in its wake.

Caring for creation together

Through the support of our local partner, CREDO, Pastor Traore is running Bible studies in his church to help his congregation understand God’s purpose for creation – and for themselves.

‘As creator, when God created, he put everything in place before placing man in the garden,’ explains Pastor Traore. ‘And he even ordered man to cultivate the garden. What does cultivating mean? Maintain it. So, if we have forgotten that... we are going to do the opposite of what God asks of us.

‘We have to be the ones to protect the environment... Even if the world ends tomorrow, I want to plant a tree today.’


Image credit: Jonas Yameogo/Tearfund


Getting the message out

And it’s not just the church that is benefitting from the message.

‘If we just come to church and leave without trying to impact the community… really it doesn't make sense,’ Pastor Traore says. ‘Really, I feel that there is hope… courage is being born in hearts.’

Pastor Traore is working with CREDO to identify people within the community that are most at risk due to the drought. They are being put forward for training to help teach them new farming techniques that will increase their harvest – even in these challenging conditions.

As we enter this new year, let us come together and pray for those who are struggling.

Pray with us

  • Lift up people in Burkina Faso who are struggling due to drought – pray for their provision.
  • Thank God for church leaders around the world, like Pastor Traore, who are teaching the importance of caring for the environment. Pray that even more churches will follow suit.
  • Ask God about the steps your church can take to care for the environment.


Originally published by Tearfund UK on October 01, 2021

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