Help children and families affected by the Ukraine crisis 

Your urgent support is needed to care for and protect those made vulnerable by conflict.

The world is reeling from the unjust invasion of Ukraine by Russia. The people of Ukraine now face the prospect of a prolonged period of conflict and suffering, and the whole world is facing a destabilized and dangerous new world order. Tearfund joins the rest of the world in condemning such shocking use of violence against a peaceful democratic nation.

Our thoughts are turning to the Ukrainian people. Already, over 3 million people have fled violence, tearing families apart as many have been forced to stay behind. Our prayers are with the people of Ukraine as they face the horrors of war in the weeks and months ahead.  


Can provide a family with hygiene kits and basic household supplies



Can provide a supply of emergency food and water for one family



Can provide two families with blankets, household items, and emergency food and water supplies


Right now, Tearfund has multiple partners along Ukrainian borders who are meeting immediate needs providing:

  • Emergency food and water
  • Medical and trauma care
  • Safe shelter
  • Hygiene kits and household supplies 
  • Blankets

In the days ahead

Tearfund partners including members from the Integral Alliance are on the ground assessing the needs of children and families. As Tearfund's crisis response experts better understand how to best meet families' immediate and midterm needs, we will continue to share updates on this rapidly changing emergency.

In addition, we are also committed to the slower, longer work of investing in church resilience across the region to support churches in on-going peacebuilding efforts.


We are aware that the impact of the war in Ukraine will have a wider impact on other countries, causing food prices to rise. In the event that we raise more than is needed to support our partners, your gift will be spent on similar emergency responses and to prevent the impact of disasters on other vulnerable communities.








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