What does the network offer?

Members Serving Members: Upon joining the network members are asked both what they want to receive from the network as well as what they will contribute to the network beyond dues.  Network members bring a wealth of experiences and professional skills they can teach and share with others and we want to provide the place to maximize that sharing.  

A Space to Gather: The network will facilitate both virtual and face to face engagement.  The virtual member platform will be an enjoyable and engaging technology platform where members can meet and share resources, jobs, advice, support. , face to face gatherings and through gatherings, as well as skilled facilitators and relationship catalysts this network can accomplish this.

Professional Development: Through both original content as well as curated content from Network Partners like Chrisitians for Biblical Equality, Development Associates International and others, the network provides ample opportunity for professional development in areas of most interest to women and allies in developing their own leadership and expanding their influence as well as sharpening their professional acumen for careers in the international development space.  From early career staff to senior executives wanting peer mentoring and a place to give back there will be ample opportunities for everyone to find what they need as well as contribute what they have to offer for the development of themselves and others.

Leadership Opportunities: The Network will have many volunteer and stipend leadership roles to offer those unable to gain those experiences within their own organizations at the present time.  Leading membership drives, organizing face to face events, hosting webinar series, designing and executing collaborative research projects are just a few.

Resources: Practical and applicable webinars on a variety of topic from applying Agile ideology to all facets of development work to how to get more creativity and innovation from your team, there will be countless topics to satisfy a broad range of member needs.

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