Why is this an initiative?

Surprisingly, we haven’t found a single network for Christian women and allies who are serving in international development. And yet there are 80,000+ women (gravely underreported) working in these organizations who desire a space to network, learn and focus on their careers in faith based international development.

In this network they will have the opportunity to: 

Foster Relationships: When women and allies connect and build relationships powerful things happen.  Through an online platform and many virtual and physical gatherings, women and allies will be able to mentor one another, share best practices from within their own organizations/regions, and co-create new solutions and policies to address any number of continued challenges we face in fighting poverty.  This will be a space for people from North America, Africa, Asia, Latin America to learn from one other.

Learn and Develop: “Members Serving Members” is a key core value of this network.  There are learning and development experiences provided by Network leaders and Network Partners including Spiritual Formation, Servant Leadership, Women and Men Leading Together, Theology and Leadership courses, Mindfulness and Resilience training.  There will also be countless opportunities for network members to bring their own expertise to learning opportunities for their other network members.  

Join Voices: The network provides a critical mass of voices who can influence change in organizations, communities and globally.  The sector has suffered from lack of data and tracking progress for women and girls has not been made a priority of current leadership- that changes with the creation of this network.  Women and allies bring their voices together on policies they need to experience equality and belonging within their organizations and communities and that place of “together” is provided by this network.

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