Families are in urgent need.

The world is witnessing multiple crises unfolding with a natural disaster on the island nation of Haiti in addition to the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. We at Tearfund, like you, are grieved to see the images of communities devastated, families driven out of their homes, and children robbed of hope.

Our partners in both Afghanistan and Haiti are already mobilizing.

Afghanistan Crisis -  Humanitarian Crisis and Political Upheaval Almost overnight, the situation in Afghanistan has elevated to what quickly became a humanitarian crisis. In the past 4 months, over 550,000 Afghans have have fled their homes and are in desperate need of food, clean water and shelter.

Haiti Crisis - Natural Disaster and Political Instability On August 14th, a magnitude 7.2 earthquake struck. Our partners at Tearfund Haiti are already responding to the ongoing crisis of food and resource shortages, political instability, and 15,000+ people fleeing regional gang violence.  

Join us in prayerfully responding to the most urgent needs in Afghanistan and Haiti.

As our partners around the world respond by bringing aid to vulnerable families, your donation will be applied to support people with the most urgent needs.


Donate to families in Afghanistan     

Donate to families in Haiti



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Families escaping conflicts or disasters often don’t have time to pack household supplies. Your 30$ can give 2 families soap, disinfectant, and hand sanitizer.

In times of crisis, you can serve a family with a 3 month supply of food for $75. Providing a family living in a conflict zone with an emergency supply of food can be a lifesaving intervention.

$100 can help communities in Haiti prepare for and respond to natural disasters, which can save thousands of lives. Sponsor a training for a  network of first responders so they can provide assistance and help when disaster strikes.

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