Global Supporters Respond to the Covid-19 Crisis

In the midst of great uncertainty, we know one thing for sure: we have the most amazing supporters.

Stories are pouring in from all around the world; of families taking action and doing their part to make a difference in light of the global pandemic. Here are some of our favorite inspirational stories from our supporters who are committed to ending extreme poverty and injustice: 

Alison from Decatur, Georgia is using her creative gifting in photography to raise money and support vulnerable families in places like Bangladesh and Yemen who are facing the harrowing challenges of lockdown. She is donating the money that she earns from offering family portraits, helping to provide essentials like sanitation kits and food boxes. Alison reflects on the times we are living in: “There is difficulty, struggle, and sadness in the current situation which should be named, not stuffed. There is also immense blessing and abundance as God provides and sustains. So out of this abundance – of time, of resources, of gifts – I don’t want to just slog through the days trying to survive homeschooling and isolation. I ask myself, 'Could there be a way to use what God has given me?'” 

In Lisburn, Ireland, a mother and daughter accepted a 5k running challenge, where proceeds go to support Tearfund’s Coronavirus relief efforts. Rachel and her daughter Beth committed to running, cycling, or scooting every day for the month of May. Rachel’s decision to accept the “5k a day in May” challenge is rooted out of concern for others: “However tough we are finding lockdown, people in other places are having it much worse.” 

Younger supporters are finding unique ways to help support those in poverty, too. Nine-year-old Lydia from the UK wrote her own trivia quiz. She asked friends and family members to pitch in £5 to take part in the game, which was set up using a digital Zoom meeting. We are so encouraged by Lydia’s dedication to helping those in need.  

A resounding thank you to all our amazing supporters! 

While we in the U.S. are beginning to phase out of the heavier restrictions of lockdown, for many of the countries where we work, it is just the beginning. You can also play a part in our Coronavirus relief efforts: 

  • $15 could provide a sanitation kit containing soap, paper towels, and hand sanitizer to a Syrian refugee family currently displaced and living in Lebanon
  • $30 could provide an emergency food box to a displaced Venezuelan family living in Columbia
  • $75 could provide a hand-washing station at a church, mosque, or community center in the Central African Republic


Donate now to support those living in poverty who are facing the challenges of Coronavirus.  

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