On Tour with The Brilliance - Keep the Promise, Protect the Poor

Several years ago, America’s leaders pledged $3 billion dollars to help impoverished communities adapt to the reality of climate change.

The world’s poor needs this support to be able to access agricultural training and development, irrigation, and other transformative solutions to become more resilient.

But so far, our nation has only delivered ⅓ of the pledged funds.

Our nation made a promise to help those who need it most, and many will need to speak out to see this pledge fulfilled:

In the coming weeks, we’re partnering with The Brilliance, a band whose mission is to create art that inspires empathy. Their End Of The World Tour begins today, and together, we are asking you to sign a petition to urge our leaders to keep their promise.

The problems produced by climate change are undeniable: impoverished communities are suffering from droughts, soil erosion, and an inability to produce enough food. If our promise isn’t kept, the 29 million people who were pushed into hunger last year because of climate change will remain in crisis.

Let’s stand with them.

Caring for creation not only protects the poor but honors God and the beautiful world he has made. After you sign the petition, check out this music video by our friends, The Brilliance, and be inspired to continue the work of protecting God’s beautiful creation.


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