The Injustice of Climate Change  

Those who have done the least to cause it are suffering the most from its impacts.


85% of the world’s poor are rural, and they rely on their land for food and income. We work with thousands of farmers across the world who are struggling to grow food in a changing climate because of drought, floods, and soil degradation. 

As followers of Jesus, we must be bold in confronting the things that harm the poor. We must also take responsibility for protecting the environment. Taking action on climate change does both.


World leaders are gathering at the UN Climate Summit (COP 26) in Scotland. We are joining a chorus of voices from the global Church calling on our leaders to ensure a sustainable future and protect the poorest in our world from climate impacts. 

Dear President Biden,

Climate change is impacting the poorest in our world the most, the people who have done the least to cause the crisis. We urge you to:

  • Keep the promise our nation made to fund climate adaptation in the world's poorest nations
  • Restore creation through supporting reforestation and forest protection
  • Ensure pandemic recovery plans limit warming to safer levels for people and the natural world.


God bless you,


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