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We cannot continue to ignore the threat of climate change.

Last year, climate shocks plunged 29 million people into hunger, and so far this year, we’ve witnessed some of the most powerful storms ever recorded.

On March 9th, Cyclone Idai swept through Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Malawi, killing at least 960 people and leaving behind a trail of destruction. Six weeks later, several thousand cases of cholera and malaria were reported in Mozambique. There is a high risk of outbreaks of other waterborne diseases, as access to safe water remains a significant challenge. Around 3 million people are still in need of help.

Climate shocks leave entire communities reeling, many of which need extra support to handle such catastrophic events.

Many have realized we can no longer deny that the world’s weather patterns are shifting, and these changes both directly and negatively impact those who live in impoverished communities.

Despite the crisis of climate change, there are glimmers of good news.

America’s leaders are beginning to realize that there is much to lose should we fail to take urgent action. In February, the U.S. passed its funding bill for the 2019 fiscal year, pushing development spending upward in the amount of $5.5 billion. However, no money was given for the Green Climate Fund, despite the U.S. promising $3 billion in 2014; and while it is yet to be seen whether America will fulfill the remaining $2 billion from this pledge, we are encouraged by the increase in funds being allocated to other environmental development organizations.

We would still like to see the $2 billion pledge fulfilled. In our Keep The Promise campaign, we’re asking our supporters to sign a petition urging our leaders to keep the promises our nation made. The poorest in our world need help to adapt to climate change; these funds will provide them with access to agricultural training and development, irrigation, and other solutions to build more resilient communities.

Protect the poor. Sign the petition today:


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