Climate change causes hunger, climate shocks and natural disasters.

Those who have done the least to cause it are suffering the most from its impacts.

  • 95 million people are subject to hunger because of drought, flood and other climate shocks rendering their land unable to produce food.
  • 79% of the world's poor are rural and depend on subsistence farming for food. 
  • Since 2008, 175 million people have been displaced by climate shocks and disasters.

We work on the front lines of climate change.

At Tearfund, we not only work in mobilization and advocacy, but we work on the front lines of these realities – partnering with communities to overcome poverty and injustice. We have seen the resilience, capacity and persistence of these communities. This is the injustice of climate change: the people who suffer the most from climate change have done the least to cause it.

Your voices were heard!

Last fall thousands of you took action, urging President Biden and other world leaders to keep their promises to fund climate adaptation. In April of 2023, President Biden sent his budget requests to Congress and included the full amount for international climate finance! We will be working hard to ensure Congress fully funds this request! Add your name now. 

Dear Congressional Leaders,

I am deeply concerned about the impact of climate change on the poorest people in our world, the very people who have done the least to cause climate change. Right now, millions of people are experiencing hunger, displacement and insecurity because of the climate crisis.

I urge you to fully fund President Biden's International Climate Finance pledge for $11.4B in FY24. Anything less than this will be another promise broken to our brothers and sisters around the world.

Please keep the promises our nation has made to help the poorest in our world adapt to a changing climate.


God bless you,


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