What does God want to say to you about COP26 and the climate crisis?

A guide to help you tune into what God’s heart for the UN’s climate talks is – and how you can get involved.

In November, leaders from around the world will be meeting in Glasgow for COP26 – the United Nations climate talks. As the climate crisis worsens, it is causing more severe and frequent extreme weather events that are pushing the world’s poorest people even further into poverty. This summit could be a huge step forward to address climate change. But what should our response as Christians be?


First, let us look at what God’s word says about our role here on Earth. The Bible is clear that we should be protecting God’s creation (Genesis 2:15) and caring for the poorest people in society (Isaiah 58).


The climate crisis illustrates how many people have either neglected these commands or not understood their importance. We are at a crucial turning point – if action is not taken now by world leaders to address climate change, then millions more lives will be put at risk. So, what can we do?

Seek God

Being in consistent conversation with God through regular prayer can help us in the following ways:

  • It can keep our hearts and actions aligned with God’s purpose for us.
  • It can renew our strength and our hope. The climate crisis is a huge burden that isn’t going away anytime soon. It will require persistence in prayer – but we do not have to face it alone.
  • God can show us the steps we need to take to fulfil our role.


Contemplative prayers can help us to learn how to listen to God – enabling us to sit in God’s presence and not only talk and present prayer requests to God, but to wait for a response.

Pray with us

  • Take a few moments to be still. God’s presence is always with you. Open yourself to it now.
  • As you breathe in, say ‘God you are here’. As you breathe out, say ‘And I am with you.’
  • Do this until you feel undistracted by your surroundings and feel the presence of God enveloping you.
  • And then ask God about the climate crisis and COP26. Ask him to highlight to you how you can pray and act.
  • Listen to God as he responds. You may want to write down any words, scripture or pictures he has for you.
  • End by thanking God for being with you and working in you and commit to the steps he has asked you to take.




Originally posted on tearfund.org on 08 Oct 2021 by Jane Boswell | 

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