Let’s gather together and remember what it means to think, dream, heal, and envision a better future.

Over the last eighteen months, we’ve endured so much—between a global pandemic, racial injustice, war and conflict, a refugee crisis, and climate change, we’ve experienced suffering, anxiety, isolation and loss. More than ever we are longing for the joy and enrichment that comes when we gather around the table for a meal with those dearest to us. 

This year, we’re celebrating that many of us will finally be able to spend time with our loved ones this holiday season! So gather with us for a curated Friendsgiving experience with recipes, good music recommendations, and discussion prompts as you celebrate together. 


Make your Friendsgiving gathering complete:

  • Eat well: We’ve collected our favorite recipes for a flavorful International-themed meal.
  • Get your groove on: We want to thank Sarah McMillan for providing this Spotify playlist to amplify the fun.
  • Table talk: Make your evening intentional and meaningful with the discussion prompts below.

Gather Playlist



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